Apply to test my latest pattern here!

While I design patterns, not one of them would be ready to send out to the crocheting public without the assistance of my pattern testers. These amazing makers work hard, sometimes for weeks, to proof read my patterns, finding grammar errors, crochet errors, typos, or general pattern mistakes. Most importantly, in order for me to continue producing new designs in a timely manner, I cannot test every single size to make sure the math works out for different people, with different tensions, and different yarn brands - I just don’t have enough time, yarn, or space for all those hats and things!

That is where you come in! Pattern testing is much more than getting in on an “early release” of a pattern, but it is the opportunity to support a designer (me!) by double checking my numbers, measurements, and wording. Remember, this is not a completed pattern, but one in need of expert eyes to find the errors that are almost certainly there. In order to test a pattern for me, you must fill out the application - which is linked at the bottom of the page. But WAIT!! Before you head down there, please read through the terms and conditions of being a pattern tester - these conditions must be met in order to be considered to be a pattern tester. I normally contact the chosen testers by email for a project within 24-48 hours from the time I close the pattern tester call. Chosen testers will receive a non-editable PDF of the pattern via email and added to a group chat on Instagram. Filling out the form does not guarantee that you will be chosen.

Before applying, please read through the requirements to ensure you meet each one. If you have questions regarding the requirements or testing process, you can contact me here.

  • Pattern testers must be at least intermediate level crocheters. You must be able to read a pattern and create each stitch contained in the pattern. I endeavor to supply stitch tutorials linked within the pattern, but you should be able to create most of the stitches without this assistance.

  • Pattern testers must complete the project by the given deadline.

  • Pattern testers must also complete the Pattern Tester Survey (which will be emailed upon the commencement of the test) before the pattern test deadline.

  • Pattern testers must add the completed project to their Ravelry accounts (if applicable) within a week of completing the test.

  • Pattern testers must have a public Instagram profile and be willing to be added to a group chat with the other testers.

  • Pattern Testers must provide 2-3 quality photos of the completed project with at least one of it modeled. Photo credit will be given on social media accounts and in the pattern, if it is included in the final draft.

  • If the pattern testing parameters are not met, you will be invoiced for the price of the final PDF.

As a pattern tester, you will have the opportunity to share your work on social media. Unless otherwise instructed, please feel free to share in-progress and completed pics to your social media accounts. I love seeing pictures from my testers - it just warms my heart to see my patterns loved and created! Please tag me in any pictures you post - so I can share them either in my feed or in my stories on Instagram.

Also, you do not need to use the exact yarn brand I use. I like my testers to use a variety of yarn brands - this helps me to understand how the pattern will work when released to the world. Every maker prefers different brands, has access to different stores and fibers - all of this give each of us a unique take on the same pattern - which I love to see!

If you meet the above requirements, please fill out the application for specific information pertained to the pattern.

Progress Savers are a Tester’s Best Friend!