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Munich Beanie: FREE Crochet Pattern

Munich Beanie: FREE Crochet Pattern

About three years ago I made a hat for my husband. It really wasn’t anything special, just a simple beanie of single crochet in back loop only. I used a basic acrylic yarn in a mid-tone gray. It was so boring, I barely noticed it when he wore it. This year, he decided he needed a new one. The truth is, he is losing his hair. He finally decided the time had come to just let it go, since it had no intention of staying anyway. He just turned thirty and is officially going bald! His beard totally makes up for his hair, though! But, suffice it to say, his hairless head is cold! The old hat just didn’t cut it this frigid winter.

A chunky wool blend in a nice neutral colors practically leaped from my stash, begging to be made into the perfect man hat. I squished the yarn for a minute, then dove into Pinterest to check out some stitch tutorials. I had a vague idea of the sort of texture I wanted to create, but I also wanted to use a stitch I hadn’t really used much before. After watching a beautiful tutorial for the berry stitch, the entire pattern just came together in my mind! I knew I wanted a subtle texture separated by rows of hdc in third loop - and that is what happened!

Later, I decided to use the same pattern, but with bright, fun colors for my son! I have to admit, I am still loving this hat! So quick and easy to make, I can knock one out in under an hour!

Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Hat Pattern


Hook size K—6.5 mm

Yarn Bee Fireplace Comfort Melodic Mocha (4/Medium)

Yarn needle to weave in ends




Sl St—slip stitch

Sc—Single Crochet

Hdc—Half Double Crochet

Hdc in third loop

Berry Stitch—check out the tutorial by Daisy Farm Crafts

Free Crochet Pattern!

Free Crochet Pattern!


Berry Stitch: Yarn over, pull up a loop in the indicated stitch. Yarn over, pull through one loop. Yarn over, pull up another loop in the same space. Yarn over, pull through all loops on hook.

Work in third loop of hdc: Since the work is turned several times, the third loops of the hdc faces you on the berry stitch rounds, but faces away from you on the hdc rounds.


The written pattern is for a men’s loose fit hat. To make a women’s loose fit, use a 6mm hook or reduce the brim rows.


The hat is worked in a 2 stitch pattern repeat. If you need to adjust the size, just reduce or add to the brim rows in sets of two, i.e. 72, 74, etc for bigger or 68, 66, etc for smaller. You could also size down to a 6mm hook for a snug fit.

Free crochet hat pattern

Free crochet hat pattern



Row 1: ch 13, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in ea (12 sc)

Row 2-70: ch1, sc in back loop only of each (12 sc)

Fasten off. Attach row 70 to row 1 to form the brim. I like to slip stitch through both thicknesses, then ch 1 to start the hat rows.



Row 1: Ch1, hdc in ea st. Join with sl st to first hdc. Ch1, turn. (70 hdc)

Row 2: Working in third loop of hdc, which should be facing you, *berry stitch in first st, sc in next* repeat around. Join with sl stitch to first berry st. Ch 1, turn. (35 berry st, 35sc)

Row 3: Hdc in ea st.  Join with sl st to first hdc. Ch1 DO NOT TURN. (70 hdc)

Row 4: Hdc in third loop which should be facing away from you. Join with sl st to first hdc. Ch 1, turn. (70 hdc)

Row 5-13 : Repeat Rows 2-4

Fasten off leaving a long tail. Turn the hat inside out. Using a running stitch, seam up the top of the hat. Turn right side out. Stitch an x across the top to close it up tightly. If you want, add a pom pom now. Weave in ends.

Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Hat Pattern

The Munich Beanie is written by Rebekah Haas. I hold the copyright to this pattern. It should not be published, shared, or sold without direct permission of the designer. You are, of course, welcome to sell any items you make using this pattern. If you post pictures of your item on Instagram or Facebook, please credit me with the design by linking to my Instagram account or website. Thank you for choosing to make my pattern! I hope it inspires you!

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