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Roma Beanie: Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Roma Beanie: Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Rome - a city of history, beauty, and, for me, memories. My traveling days seem like a dream to me now, having been settled in the same place for years, only driving to see family for the holidays. I miss the adventures of historic cities and breathtaking vistas, but I have no intention of trading in the adventures of potty training, first steps, and baby cuddles. Each stage of life has a purpose, when I have traveled through this one, my feet will wander again. But for now, I tour the great cities of Italy that I love so much via memories. Today, I fly back to Rome (ok, I look up my old photos of Rome). Winter is warming up into spring there now, so I pack a lightweight hat to protect my ears from the breeze.

I remember wandering the forum, trying to imagine great buildings where only ruins lie. I chuckled at the historic reenactors, dressed as soldiers or gladiators, staring down at their phones. Everywhere I turned, beauty, history, and elegance greeted my eyes. My mind swirled with amazement, knowing I stood where the great General Titus once stood. I walked the paths of Caesars, toured the prison of Saint Paul, stood before the tomb of the unknown soldier (yes, the Italians have one, too). I visited the past.



Many years have passed since I wandered those streets. This week, I picked up my hook, humming a song by Dean Martin, and started what I intended to be a simple beanie. She turned out like Rome - beautiful, ornate, ready for adventure! The rich gold yarn, adorned with sequins, glittered and glowed like the sunshine peeking through the windows of the great Coliseum. The single cable winding lonely, like the path through the Forum. The gentle ruching, gathered together like ancient roads - all leading one place: Rome.

Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Hat Pattern

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1 skein of DK/3 Weight Yarn in the color of your choice (roughly 150-200 yds)

Size 4 mm hook

Size 4.5 mm hook

Yarn Needle to weave in ends

Stitch Marker - check out this amazing DIY!


20 rows of 16 hdc = 4” square





Sl St—slip stitch

Sc—single crochet

Hdc—half double crochet

Fpdc—front post double crochet

Fpdcf—front post double crochet in front

Fpdcb—front post double crochet behind

Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Hat Pattern


The hat is worked in continuous rounds. Do not join each row with a slip stitch, since this creates an odd ridge up the back of the hat. Simply mark the first stitch of each round with a stitch marker or contrasting yarn and move the stitch marker up as each round is completed.

All fpdc (except row 2) are worked in the previous fpdc. Therefore, the fpdc of Round 4 are worked in the fpdc of Round 2. The fpdc of Round 6 are worked in the fpdc of Round 4, etc.

I have not included detailed instructions for making cables, but you can find a good tutorial here.

The hat size is easily adjusted by adding or decreasing from the brim rows. If you decide to make 65 brim rows, you will hdc 65 in the side of each stitch for Round 1. You would also reduce the 2nd set of hdc in Round 2 by the number of brim rows you reduced. So, if you have 65 brim rows, you would hdc 35 after making the cable in Round 2.

My final hat was roughly 10” tall after stitching up the top, with a circumference of 16” (I like mine loose).

Some testers found their cables tended to lean a little more than others, I believe this is the result of differences in tension. The leaning won’t be noticeable once the hat is stitched up.

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Free Crochet Cabled Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Cabled Hat Pattern


Using 4 mm hoook

Row 1: ch 11, sc in second ch from hook. Sc in each ch. (10 sc)

Row 2-75: ch1, sc in back loop of ea st. (10 sc)

Row 76: sl st through both thicknesses of Row 1 and Row 75 to form the brim of the hat. Ch 1. (10 sl st)


Turn brim so the seam is on the inside before beginning the hat portion.


Using 4.5 mm hook

Round 1: Hdc in the side of ea sc. (75 hdc)

Round 2: (continue onto first stitch without joining) Hdc 24, sk 2, fpdc in next two, fpdcb into the two stitches skipped, fpdc in next 2 (first cable created), hdc 45. (69 hdc, 6 fpdc)

Round 3: Hdc in ea st (75 hdc)

Round 4: Hdc in next 24, fpdc 2 around fpdc of round 2, sk 2, fpdc 2, fpdcf in two skipped stitches. The 2 skipped stitches will be hiding in the folds of the cables—you will need to stretch the work a little to locate the stitches. Hdc 45 (69 hdc, 6 fpdc)

Round 5: Hdc in ea st (75 hdc)

Round 6 –24: Repeat rounds 2-5

Rounds 25: Hdc in ea st (75 hdc)

Fasten off, leave a long tail. Turn the hat inside out. Thread the yarn needle with the long tail, weave the tail in and out of each stitch of the final row. Pull tight. Make a tight x stitch to finish closing up the hat. Weave in ends.


Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Hat Pattern

 The Roma Beanie is written by Rebekah Haas. I hold the copyright to this pattern. It should not be published, shared, or sold without direct permission of the designer. You are, of course, welcome to sell any items you make using this pattern. If you post pictures of your item on Instagram or Facebook, please credit me with the design by linking to my Instagram account or website. Thank you for choosing to make my pattern! I hope it inspires you!

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