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Best Amazon Deals for Crocheters

Best Amazon Deals for Crocheters

I’m a chronic forgetter. Maybe it is the lack of sleep that comes from having three young children. Maybe I’m distracted by running my little crochet design business over here. Or maybe I’m just a person who easily forgets things that aren’t written on my hand! For instance, I cannot tell you how many times in the last five years I have forgotten to buy diapers – even run out of diapers. In my desperation, I found Amazon Prime. Yes, I’ve become the mom who schedules to have diapers shipped to my door because I – for some weird reason – cannot remember to buy them.

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I love my Prime membership for lots of reasons. It makes home life easier – like having household consumables sent regularly to my door so we never run out (I forget things, remember?), like toilet paper, laundry detergent, diapers, wipes, dog food, prenatal vitamins, etc. AND – the best part? – because I have a subscription, all the items I get on a regular basis are discounted – up to 20%!

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10 Items for Crocheters to Buy on Amazon #crochet #crochettools #amazondeals

10 Items for Crocheters to Buy on Amazon #crochet #crochettools #amazondeals


But, I’m not here to talk exclusively about the Amazon Prime home deals you can get. I’m here to share with you some of the best crochet-related products I have found on Amazon! Most of these, I have either purchased on Amazon, were gifted to me through Amazon, or I purchased in a craft store – only to realize the price was BETTER on Amazon!


First, you may be the person who asks, “Why would you pay that much for a service that just lets you spend more money shopping?” And THAT is a very good question!


1.       First, Amazon Prime is so much more than free shipping on thousands of items! For me, it includes unlimited photo storage for my business – I take LOTS of pictures for my blog! The photos automatically upload from my smart phone to their cloud. They sort by date, but you can also search them by the items in the pictures, you can create folders and sort them in a way that makes the most sense to you! This feature alone is invaluable to me.


2.       Second, Amazon Prime includes Amazon Family. Did you know that Amazon Prime/Family has a special 20% discount off must have baby items? I’m talking diapers, wipes, etc. Using this feature, I can buy diapers even cheaper than I can using the store brand at any box store I have checked. Since my children are close together in age, we have been using diapers for five years. Also, just thinking about that makes me want to cry a little.


3.       Amazon Prime also includes Prime Video with hundreds of TV shows and movies for all types of interests. Personally, I love their children’s selection – they have a variety of educational children’s shows and movies that we enjoy. But what makes this feature even better for us – we save SO. MUCH. MONEY – because we don’t use cable to watch TV. That means more money for yarn!


This list of why I love Amazon Prime could get long – I mean, I still haven’t talked about Subscribe and Save, Amazon Alexa (we have the Echo Dot), Prime Music, Kindle Unlimited, and the many other features that make this program 100% worth it for our family. If you haven’t signed up for Prime – now is the chance to take advantage of the amazing deals coming up for Prime Day on July 15-16! If you sign up for a free, 30-day trial, you will have enough time to check out the incredible deals on Prime Day, price check the Subscribe and Save to see if it can help your household budget, AND get $10 free when you download the app for the first time! If you were ever gonna try it – this is the week! If you don’t like it or feel it doesn’t benefit your family – you can easily cancel the trial after the week is up at no cost! I recommend setting a reminder in your phone to cancel the trial – just to make sure there aren’t any accidental charges.



Now, for what you really came here for – my top ten crochet related Amazon purchases!

10 Items for Crocheters on Amazon #crochet #crochettools #amazondeals

10 Items for Crocheters on Amazon #crochet #crochettools #amazondeals


1.       Crochet Hooks

Obviously, you can’t crochet much without a good selection of crochet hooks! I’m a huge Boye Ergonomics fan! I cut my crochet teeth on the classic Boye hook, but as I crochet more (and get older, but don’t tell anyone), I find the traditional aluminum hook causes hand cramps. Since I’m a total wimp, I prefer to just buy a hook that is comfortable and easy to use. The Boye Ergonomics hook set normally retails for between $25-$30 in most of the craft stores in my area, but on Amazon, you can get the entire set for only $22. With Prime, it will arrive at your front door before you even have time to buy more yarn!

Of course, Amazon offers a wide range of hooks, including these ergonomic thread hooks I recently purchased for myself! I’m happy with these hooks and now use them more than my old Susan Bates thread hooks.

They also carry other reputable brands, like Clover, Susan Bates, and many more. You certainly can’t go wrong ordering hooks on Amazon!


2.       Crochet Stitch Books

Ok, I haven’t actually taken the plunge to buy one, but these crochet stitch books are on my birthday wish list! Unfortunately, my birthday is in the fall, so I might be waiting a little while.

I’ve heard amazing things about the Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary – as a designer this one is definitely at the top of my wish list! It seems to be packed with fun stitches, how to increase and decrease them, and sooo much more! I’m determined to get it on my shelf soon.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic stitch dictionary, like Complete Crochet Course: The Ultimate Reference Guide. This is the top rated stitch dictionary on Amazon (at least, right now). A book like this is perfect for the beginning – intermediate crocheter wanting to expand their knowledge of crochet stitches!


3.       Yarn Bowls

I confess, I did not buy this yarn bowl – my mom Amazon Primed it to me because I was having a bad day. Seriously, my mom is SO AWESOME. I love this double yarn bowl for tapestry crochet or colorwork projects when you need to keep the yarns separate. The rosewood bowl is beautiful as a décor piece, but also sturdy! It sits firmly on the table and holds two generous sized balls or cakes of yarn. With two puppies and a toddler, I have plenty of little ones who love to chase balls of yarn across the floor and tangle them up – these bowls keep my favorite fibers safe!


Of course, not everyone needs a double bowl. Several makers sell single bowls – I love this wooden one or this ceramic one (it reminds me SO MUCH of Italian pottery!)


4.       Stitch Markers

I cannot crochet without stitch markers. Honestly, until recently, I had never used a stitch marker. Now, as soon as I am done working on a project – even if it doesn’t really NEED a stitch marker – I put one in the loop on my hook to keep my work from unravelling. How often have my kids or dogs accidently frogged a project? Although, I can’t blame them entirely, because I’ve often unraveled a few stitches just by picking up my project quickly or carelessly! No more unwanted frogging now that I use a stitch marker to save my progress! Check out these simple, but effective ones that won’t tangle or fray your yarn!



5.       DIY Stitch Marker Supplies

Now, if you are like me, you are searching for the absolute best deal possible – which means a DIY! I made these adorable stitch markers using materials from Amazon! All you need are jump rings, clasps, needle nose pliers, and adorable enamel charms of your choice! The ones I used aren’t available any more, but these ones also look super cute and fun! I love the idea of making stitch markers that fit your brand for the ‘gram!

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6.       Straight Pins

Whether you make amigurumi, mandalas, or garments – we all need a good straight pin every now and them. Especially for blocking or holding those ami pieces in place for assembly! The set I bought on Amazon is no longer available, but this set of t-pins has fantastic ratings and is perfect for blocking. If you prefer glass head pins (like me) this set includes an adorable storage case and pin cushion! I shopped Amazon for this amazing deal, because glass head pins at my local craft store were waaaaayy out of my budget for less than a quarter of the number of pins included here! I’ve not had any trouble with the pins having nicks in them or pulling at the fibers at all.


7.       Blocking Board

Mandala makers especially love a good, lined blocking board! Having the grid, circles and measurements already on the board (like on this one) helps to ensure the mandala will be evenly stretched – no more lopsided mandalas! Of course, if you are wanting to mount them on a hoop (like this awesome gold set), you can easily make sure you are blocking to the correct hoop size using the convenient measurements on the blocking board.

Now, maybe you aren’t interested in the circle measurements or you feel the price for that board is a little out of your budget (I feel ya – the budget struggle is REAL), you can always use this set of lined boards, or these inexpensive foam floor mats – the best part? The kids will love helping you assemble them! And they will be big enough to block garments and small blankets!


8.       Fabric Stiffener

When I make anything lace, I like to block it with a bit of fabric stiffener – just to help it maintain its shape a little longer. I bought this fabric stiffener at Hobby Lobby, but later realized it was a better price on Amazon (*facepalm*). I used this fabric stiffener to make my mandala earrings (see that post here!), and they turned out AMAZING!

10 Things for Crocheters To buy on Amzon #crochet #crochettools #amazondeals

10 Things for Crocheters To buy on Amzon #crochet #crochettools #amazondeals


9.       Amazon Fire Stick

“Um, hello,” You may be saying, “How is that crochet related?” Well, how many of us want to watch something while we crochet? I know my most productive crochet time is at the end of the day, curled up on the couch or in bed watching something on our Amazon Fire Stick. With our Prime membership, we have access to TONS of free TV content or we can purchase subscriptions to channels (we haven’t actually done this, because we are cheap), or just purchase a season of a show that, quite frankly, isn’t available for free anywhere (Hello, endless binge watching of Fixer Upper). Amazon is almost sure to have an amazing deal on all their tech this week – we purchased ours during Prime Day last year! In fact, one of ours malfunctioned a couple years after we purchased it – they replaced it with a better model FOR FREE. They also include parental settings, so your kids don’t accidently buy stuff and so many other features – we love them!


10.   Amazon Kindle

I cannot believe how many crochet books are available FOR FREE on the Amazon Kindle or Kindle App for your phone (if you have Prime). I love the look of this crochet motifs books (FREE on the kindle), this book of shawl patterns (FREE on the kindle), or even this stitch dictionary (FREE on the kindle). So many other books are available for free on the kindle or at least at a steeply discounted price! My favorite benefit of having crochet books on the kindle? Space saving! We don’t have a lot of room for me to have stacks and stacks of crochet books – even though that sounds like fun! And when we travel, I can’t always haul a thick crochet book with me. Having them available on a small tablet is the perfect solution! Not to mention I can also download my favorite shows on it to take with me. The Amazon Kindle and tablets ALWAYS go on sale for Prime Day! This is the perfect chance to take advantage of these amazing deals!

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10 Items for Crocheters to buy on Amzon #crochet #crochettools #amazondeals

10 Items for Crocheters to buy on Amzon #crochet #crochettools #amazondeals

11. Bonus!!!

While writing this article -I realized I left out my MOST USED Amazon crochet purchase - my yarn winder from Knit Pics and my umbrella swift! As a lover of hand dyed fibers and an organized yarn cabinet - my yarn winder and swift are invaluable to me! Those neatly wound cakes stack so nicely! Not to mentioned I no longer need to attempt to use my turkey baster as a nostepinne - the yarn winder and swift make the process SO. EASY. Seriously. Get you one.

Turkey baster as a nostepinne to wind yarn!

Turkey baster as a nostepinne to wind yarn!

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Maybe you aren’t a regular Amazon shopper – or maybe you live by the Amazon! – but this week is the time to take advantage of some incredible Amazon deals for crocheters! Whether you are looking to expand your hook selection, searching for the perfect gift for the crocheter in your life, or just shopping because sometimes a little therapy is good, hopefully this list will give you some good ideas! Don’t forget to sign up for a free trial on Amazon Prime to take advantage of all the amazing deals you are sure to find on July 15-16 - Prime Day!


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